MIRA Clinical Learning Environment (MIRA-CLE) for Lung

Translation of data science research into clinical practice will require automated pipelines that are tied into the entire treatment pathway in ways that facilitate real-time analysis. MIRACLE will help deliver value-based healthcare via better patient selection (ILD/SGR) and monitoring/adjusting treatment to decrease toxicity (CBCT).


Multi-omic Assessment of Squamous cell cancers receiving Systemic Therapy (MASST)

Identifying the small number of patients who respond to immunotherapy and prognosticating survival using traditional biomarker testing is difficult. MASST will develop a computational platform and methods to jointly analyze multimodal molecular, imaging and clinical data to identify patients that would benefit most from immunotherapy.


The 2BLAST Pipeline Development: (Biostatistical and Bioinformatic Longitudinal Analysis of Symptoms and Toxicities in cancer patients)

Integration and data quality assurance of cluster symptoms and toxicity data in combination with other clinical data is challenging due to a lack of processes and pipelines. 2BLAST will generate automated processes for integrating and analyzing institution-wide data routinely, to help clinical patient management, and support a wide range of research endeavors from genomic to health services research.


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BioSpecimen Portal

BioSpecimen Portal is a web-based tool developed for the Research community at University Health Network by the Cancer Informatics team at TECHNA Institute. The tool allows researchers to see a subset of the caTissue database to find biospecimens related to those currently in use in their labs.

UHN Tumour Model Tracker

An application to track the STR results of both patient-derived samples and model-derived (organoid and xenograft) samples. As part of the application, we track the model themselves and the source material for the model (patient PPID or another model).

Princess Margaret Integrated Dashboard

One of our objectives at the Princess Margaret Data Science Program is to increase the access to data for the broader PM community in a way that will help optimize research & clinical efforts. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated our roadmap for this initiative.