Upcoming Planned Work:

  • Radiomic feature extraction to be done using QIPCM/MIRA once image contouring is complete. Provisional data from a complimentary project will be used to guide extraction and modeling.
  • Initial genomic ctDNA and immune profiling analysis to continue. Once the results are available, genomic data elements will be reviewed.


Multi-omic Assessment of Squamous cell cancers receiving Systemic Therapy (MASST)

Identifying the small number of patients who respond to immunotherapy and prognosticating survival using traditional biomarker testing is difficult. MASST will develop a computational platform and methods to jointly analyze multimodal molecular, imaging, and clinical data to identify patients that would benefit most from immunotherapy.

AIM 1: Characterise the clonal dynamics of serial ctDNA monitoring under the treatment select pressure of immunotherapy using SSC-optimized panel.

AIM 2: Apply a radiomic signature for evaluation of response to baseline and first on treatment CT scans.

AIM 3: Use computational modeling to correlate changes in the genomic and radiomic landscape under treatment pressure of immunotherapy.

Key Milestones:

  • Clinical data fields collected as a part of MASST have been reviewed and mapped to potential electronic data sources (EPR, OPIS, CRR, Cancer Registry, MOSAIQ). Clinical study data collection is largely complete.
  • Radiomic data flow across systems used at UHN has been reviewed (PACS, QIPCM, MIRA, HPC4H) and current state workflow analysis complete. The study team has collected all study images and image contouring is underway.
  • Current state workflow analysis of research blood collection and genomic analysis is underway. Information generated based on key stakeholder knowledge.

Last modified: July 17, 2020