Screenshot of Biospecimen Portal

BioSpecimen Portal

Biospecimens – tissue or fluids derived from patients and banked for research – form the foundation of a significant proportion of cancer research. Researchers apply to a biobank for specimens matching certain criteria and the data generated from experiments with those specimens drive new discoveries in understanding how cancer develops and in developing new therapies.

Discovering the existence of biospecimens has traditionally been a challenge for UHN researchers. Biospecimens are stored in multiple UHN biobanks and data on those biospecimens are segregated – the personnel working for one biobank can only see what’s in their own biobank and not what is in the other UHN biobanks.

Biospecimen Portal solves the particular problem of discovering biospecimens related to those that have already been used within a lab, a process that until now has involved multiple back-and-forth emails and phone calls with multiple biobanks. Biospecimen Portal represents one step in an overall effort to facilitate data flow in support of research and innovation while safeguarding patient privacy.

BioSpecimen Portal is only accessible through the UHN intranet.