A software tool to link clinical and genomic data from patients with cancer across the country

Sharing genomic data across teams of scientists and clinicians can be challenging due to the complexity of the data, and often, a lack of standardization. cBioPortal is an open-access and open-source software platform that enables clinical and research teams to easily access and use genomic data, integrate clinical and genomic data and analyze and visualize the data at both the patient and cohort levels. Additionally, a user-friendly, responsive interface facilitates mutation visualization, survival analysis, alteration enrichment analysis and network analysis. is a private, local instance of the codebase, and in addition to the aforementioned capabilities, also includes customized features such as project-level user authorization with Keycloak, clinical trials annotations, digital pathology slide sharing, diagnostic image viewing, drug predictions from pre-clinical models, visual annotations of patient-derived xenografts and ctDNA and a link out to the BC Cancer Agency’s genomic interpretation system.

PMDS is providing support for the instance.