Princess Margaret Integrated Dashboard

During the COVID-19 pandemic Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (PM), led by the Smart Cancer Care Program, made a big push towards virtual care with the development of the Virtual Care Management System (VCMS). During this transition, there was a need to monitor near real-time patient visit information to inform PM executives making key data-driven decisions, and continuously measure the impact of the policies and procedures to limit the spread of the virus among cancer care providers and patients.

To address these pressing needs, the PM Data Science Team built a dashboard, leveraging the Microsoft Power BI platform and connecting with multiple data sources including clinics and radiotherapy scheduling systems (i.e., PHS & MOSAIQ, respectively). The result was a clear and dynamic view of patient ambulatory care activities across PM sorted by clinic category (e.g., chemo daycare, imaging, lab) and clinic name (e.g., bone marrow transplant, breast oncology, ENT oncology)

Using this new integrated dashboard, the use of VCMS can also be monitored by looking at the number of patients switched from in-person to over-the-phone visits, or the number of physician’s orders signed off and processed in the system. These data will support further improvements to the system and drive implementation research endeavors to help transform the models of care during and beyond COVID-19.