Research Data Storage (RDS)

There is a large amount of data generated by research equipment across UHN. The data is coming from a variety of equipment, such as confocal microscopes, flow cytometers, and mass spectrometers, as well as a variety of labs and research initiatives. In most cases, the data’s value is limited to the project for which it was collected, and the possibilities for its reuse are limited. A centralized and standardized storage solution is needed to allow for a systematic approach to data management.


PMDS is developing the Research Data Storage (RDS) solution, a standardized secure way to store, share, and manage data files generated by research equipment across UHN.

RDS offers the following features:

  • Uses UHN credentials to authenticate users for enhanced security
  • Leverages user profiles for differential privacy (i.e. PI vs Observer access)
  • Logs metadata for increased findability
  • Centralizes data storage to create a single source of truth
  • Creates a home for data from disparate research equipment across labs

RDS is developed as a secure web-based application for managing small and large primary research data indefinitely. Authenticated UHN access and audit trails ensure data security and patient privacy.

Data is be structured under projects and users are able to create customized metadata fields that are specific and relevant for their unique projects. Search capabilities using the metadata enable data findability for all researchers, creating opportunities for increased use of existing data, and new collaborations.

RDS pilot is launching in October 2021. If your group is interested in trying RDS, please don’t hesitate to reach out to and we will set-up a 30min launch demo with you and your team.